how I tell stories

  • me: and then she was like
  • me: and im like
  • me: but then shes like
  • me: then theyre like
  • me: so i was like
  • me: yeah like
  • me: i know like
  • me: ye




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It’s worth it. It’s worth it. It’s worth it.


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We change what we ‘love’.

I love this shirt I bought a few days ago.
I love it so much that I cut the sleeves off of it because I thought it would look better.
I love the local coffee shop but I really wish the interior was changed and oh my god, it wouldn’t hurt to update the music.
I love the way my face feels with no makeup, yet I put it on every morning to hide what I shy away from in the mirror.
I love college literature but I don’t like every topic and I’d much rather not write an essay using literary devices every time I walk into class.
I love blue jean shorts but only if they’re faded and torn.
I love picture albums but hate the way they make me feel when I look back and reminisce over what was. So I remove the pictures I’d rather not see.
Then there’s you.
I love the way you tell your jokes and no matter how lame they are, they make me laugh.
I love how you tell me you love me and after a million times of doing so, I still crave to hear it a million more.
I love your eyes and how they’ve seen so much yet stay clear. How they look at me and offer the world yet all I want is to be your’s.
I love the way you work to be the best, but not in an arrogant way. You’re humble and you trust The Lord and with that, it makes it so much harder to not fall even more in love with you.
Out of all the things in my life I claim to love yet alter to fit my needs, you are already what I need.
You came into my life with a smile and a hello and unlike everything else I love yet have a fine print attached to it, I would never change one thing about you. Never will.




Some people have sex and that’s okay

Some people don’t have sex and that’s also okay

but what’s NOT okay is putting fucking ketchup in your god damn mac and cheese

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